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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Independence Party of New York City Endorses Michael Bloomberg in 2009 Race for Mayor

Independence Party of New York City issued this press release tonight:

Bloomberg Tells Fellow Independents 

“Let’s Make History Together”

New York, NY—The Independence Party of New York City voted tonight to endorse Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a joint executive committee session at the Avalon Hotel in Manhattan. The Independence Party is the first political party to endorse the Mayor’s re-election bid and secures for him line “C” on the ballot in the 2009 race.

This is going to be an unprecedented partnership. This is his third run for mayor, but his first as an independent,” said Jackie Salit, a founder of the party. “We both agree that partisanship is the enemy of progress. And this partnership is about moving an agenda for non-partisan reform.”

It's great to be here with some fellow independents," said Bloomberg who spoke before the gathering of some 80 members of the five county executive committees. "I'm very proud to be the city's first independent Mayor...In January of 2010 hopefully there will be first ever swearing in of an Independent Mayor of New York City. Let's make history together!"

Following his address, Mayor Bloomberg met privately with the five county executive committees. After the meeting the executive committees conducted an endorsement vote. He received 93% of the vote, making the Independence Party the first political party to give him a line on the ballot.



Anonymous said...

Bravo, Mayor!
Brava, Nancy! Great piece & foto layout.

Nancy Hanks said...

Thanks Jerelle!!!