Today is primary day and 3.5 million Flori

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


  • Chris Cillizza: Independents made Obama
  • Repubs having trouble attracting independents, considering Romney again (yikes), lost Arlen Specter, and are probably on their way out.... 
  • New Yorkers don't like Mayor Bloomberg's overriding term limits, but court upholds the usurpation -- Randy M. Mastro, a former deputy mayor who is representing the plaintiffs, said of the judges’ opinion: While the courts may have found this term limits extension to be within the legal authority of the mayor and City Council, that doesn’t make it right. What the mayor and City Council did here in extending their terms by legislation, and thereby thwarting the will of the voters, was simply wrong and undemocratic. 
  • Here's a link to the term limits decision. And another piece here...
  • That said, Dr. Lenora Fulani explains why she thinks Mayor Bloomberg deserves a third term.
  • Illinois Gov Pat Quinn's Ethics Commission recommends open primaries

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