Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coming Down to the Wire on California Open Primary Proposition 14

  • Louisiana Open Primary Law Would Make Cao Re-Election Uncertain (BayouBuzz, By Christopher Tidmore) Hence the problem for Congressman Cao--who represents one of the most Democratic district in the nation. An unspoken, but key part, of the re-election strategy of the first Republican to ever represent the 2nd District was an assumption that a prominent African-American candidate would run as an Independent and divide the vote away from the Democratic nominee (currently likely frontrunner State Rep. Cedric Richmond). Several potential African-American Democrats have entertained the notion, not willing to suffer a bruising primary.
  • Idaho GOP warns of non-Republicans crossing over in primary elections (By Brad Iverson-Long, Idaho Reporter)
  • Top Two Primary Measure Looks Like a Winner, Unless ... (By Joel Fox, Fox & Hounds) Independents are stronger, with much more influence, than fourteen years ago. The movement of independent minded voters who want to buck the establishment has already churned up the political process by rejecting old hands Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and Robert Bennett in Utah while jumping on newcomer Rand Paul's bandwagon in Kentucky..... If turnout is low and mostly hard-core party voters come to the polls, they may take their party's recommendation and vote No. From my vantage point, that may be the best hope for the No on 14 forces to prevail.
  • Thomas Elias: Now's the time to push for reform (Appeal Democrat)
  • Crist Leads, With Dem Help (By Reid Wilson, National Journal/Hotline) Crist's support comes from a broad coalition of partisan and non-partisan voters, the poll found. He has support from 39% of independent voters, 38% of Dems and 26% of GOPers. 

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