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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Greetings Tonight to Utah League of Independent Voters!

The Hankster wishes the Utah League of Independent Voters continued success in your important grassroots work to bring diverse communities together and build the independent movement. To quote Randy Miller in his wonderful statement Why I'm an Independent -- "Talking to myself is ineffective."

There is no "path" to history -- we are making it together right now -- in Randy's backyard, in the New York City fight for nonpartisans, in the fight for open primaries in California, and in more places than we can count.

The Hankster is pleased to be with you tonight!

-Nancy Hanks


Randy Miller said...

Nancy, thanks so much. It is exciting to blow on the sparks so to speak in hopes that someday soon we will have a raging independent fire!

I was a little tied up hosting last night and couldn't comment until now. We had a nice evening with good company and good food. Our neighbors Roger and Sonje Beal joined us along with candidates Dave Glissmeyer (independent), Joe Puente (independent), Morgan Bowen (D)&(Perot supporter), Jared Stratton (Libertarian), Burke Larsen (independent) running in a non-partisan race for school board.

Thanks for all you do and for keeping us in mind. Thanks to all who attended and a special thanks to G Dave for sharing your great cooking with us.

Nancy Hanks said...

Randy -- Congrats to the Host with the Most. Glad it went well. We were counting on that! Keep up the great work!!