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Friday, May 28, 2010

Jackie Salit to Independent Mayor Mike Bloomberg: You done good. We love a good fight!

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mikey said...

How much did it cost in Bloomberg Bucks to buy the complete and utter silence of the Independence Party over this mayor's criminal, autocratic steamrolling of democracy with his overturning of the twice passed will of the people--term limits--through the sheer naked power of his personal wealth and ambition? Not a word of it mentioned in this absurd whitewashing of this mayor's record--perhaps because, like Bloomberg, the Independence Party, locally and statewide, shares his view that self interest comes before all else.
I notice that this version of the video fades out prior to the mayor and the assembled crowd gigging and guffawing over Hizzoner's mention of not running for a 4th term (which would require him to buy another change in the law), because apparently, all those assembled in this room feel that crushing the voters will is nothing more than a big joke. It's this shared, cynical, self-interested ideology of the Mayor and this party--that voters are simply chumps to be laughed at, bought off, and used only to the extent that they are useful for these petty power games--that has rendered the Independence Party to be the actual laughingstock that it currently is, no more than a passing tool bought cheaply by a mayor who cannot see beyond his own vision of a city remade in the image of his wealthy circle.