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Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Nite Hankster Chat TONIGHT 5/14/10 7-8pm

8:01pm -- Hankster Friday Nite Chat signing off now! Thanks for your input. Look for us again~~ -NH

7:57pm -- Discussion about the internet and politics -- what's grassroots? What's effective marketing to this generation of tech-savvy independent youth? There has to be a resonance between the content and the process. Politicians will be seen as charletons if they just try to use the internet to do politics as usual. We know about the guy behind the curtain!

7:38 pm -- Randy is having a bar-be-que for ULIV on Saturday May 22 around 4pm Mountain Daylight going until 8:30pm -- relaxed evening for independents in Syracuse. An independent political mingle! You can reach Randy at ULIV

7:21 pm -- Great, ok now Randy has called me back, he's talking about The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey. "If there's anyone who I have failed to offend, I apologize!"

7:16 pm -- Wow, that was so cool! NatLuvzTito is a marketing site in Virginia (one of my *many* home states) for Michael Jackson stuff (and other Jackson family stuff...) Natalie is signing off because there is a big storm coming up (which we here in NYC will be getting any time now....)

7:10 pm -- Randy wasn't there but just got a great #ff from NatLuvzTito 

#FF @ronaldjackson @NancyHanks @nappypoet@natasharamsey @negrita @ngaio420 @ntnslykrazy@NubianSage @ObamAmerican48 *WAVES HELLO*

THANKS NatLuvzTito!

7:00 pm -- Ok, lines are now open! What are you thinking about this evening? I'm thinking about independents all over the country who are trying to take advantage of some very important opportunities given the mood of voters.

A couple of weeks ago, independent activist in Utah and founder of Utah League of Independent Voters Randy Miller and I did a Hankster BlogTalkRadio show as part of the occasional Friday Nite Hankster Chat and I highly recommend that you listen to that show. Randy just called me this afternoon so I'm going to call him back and see what's happening.... Be back soon!

Yes, it's Friday and it's Friday Nite Hankster Chat. Lines open in 30 minutes.

Comment here, email me at, twitter at nancyhanks or facebook Nancy Hanks.

No BlogTalkRadio tonight, sorry!

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