Monday, September 20, 2010

500 and counting independent candidates in 2010

Third Party and Independent Candidates for Office, 2010

From d. eris at Poli-Tea:
Frustrated by recent attempts to locate a single source listing declared or potential third party and independent candidates for office in 2010, I decided to compile one myself, focusing on candidates with active websites in races for governor, the US Senate and House. As with the Poli-Tea Guide to the Third Party and Independent Blogosphere, I will attempt to keep the list current, updating it as the opportunity arises. If there are any candidates I've missed, or just plain old mistakes, or you know some good sources compiling such information, please supply the info or correction in the comments, or send me an email. This list is not complete, but it is fairly comprehensive. To find out about all candidates for office in your state or district, consult your state's Board of Elections. In compiling this list, I have relied upon the Green Papers and Politics 1, which were indispensable resources. 
 Go here for the list


Joseph L. Puente said...

Thank you so much for showing that people have more to choose from than the Democrats and Republicans. :-)

Nancy Hanks said...

Good luck with your campaign Joe!