Friday, September 03, 2010

Hankster Summer Friday: Live-blogging Friday Afternoon, September 3, 2010 -- Let's Get Philosophical!

Last Early Friday of the season.... sorry to see it go.

Here's some of what I'm thinking about this afternoon:

Was the Sixties a more giving time? [SEE BELOW FOR THE VID] Maybe. But more urgent -- how can we develop given the times and conditions and culture we live in? Thinking of taking my own advice... which is that if we are to move forward as a nation, as a people, as a species (and we are ever closer to extinction according the the experts as well as the common sensibility of every day life here on earth....) we need to develop.

Can the Age of Philosophy give way to the Age of Life as Lived or more accurately living?

What are you thinking about on this Friday afternoon before Labor Day holiday (in the US circa 2010...)

4:18pm: This just in from the Upper East Side of Manhattan -- a common NYC scene (thanks Marian)

4:47pm: and now this from Celeste Katz at the NY Daily News -- Big endorsement day for Gustavo Rivera, the man who hopes to unseat incumbent state Sen. Pedro Espada, Jr. in the Sept. 14 primary: He got The Daily News, The Rev. Al Sharpton and Assemblyman Chuck Lavine.

6:28 pm -- ok this just in from twitter  #followfriday #FF: @keder @PragmaticCenter@CentristZealot @riseofthecenter @NancyHanks @erikkain@poliblogger @PoliticalMath

Ok last word -- NY has a brand new bag for voting.... Check in for information on how this new fangled thang works!


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