Thursday, September 09, 2010

Pedro Espada, Jr.: Independent Reformer for New York

NOTE: Every politician and their brother is attacking Pedro Espada. That's because he's independent. The parties don't control him and he went up to that cesspool in Albany aka the New York State Assembly as a real reformer. The Hankster, for one, will be volunteering for Pedro's campaign this weekend. Read the articles below at your own risk!
  • Pedro's a poster boy of littering (By DAVID SEIFMAN, City Hall Bureau Chief, NY Post) The much-investigated Bronx Democratic state senator has received the most violations so far this election season for putting up illegal campaign posters on city property.
  • Landlords Stand by Espada (By ELIOT BROWN, Wall Street Journal) With Mr. Espada fighting to keep his seat, the Rent Stabilization Association, which represents large residential-building owners, is returning the favor... However, not all landlords are sticking with Mr. Espada. While the group that represents the city's largest landlords, the Real Estate Board of New York, contributed significantly to Mr. Espada in 2009, its members have curtailed their giving.
  • Rivera Gets Nod From McCall, Sharpton And Other Top Politicos (Special To The Black Star News) "Gustavo worked with me as part of my campaign and helped change the rules so Barack Obama could get elected President," said Reverend Sharpton in his first public remarks since endorsing Rivera last Friday.
  • "Pirate Of The Bronx" Espada Pays Off Food Giveaway (Gothamist) Previously, Espada was accused of violating election law for failing to disclose the expenses associated with his anti-obesity food giveaway (which already netted him a showdown with one Bronx priest). So Espada wrote the check to Hunts Point Terminal Market on Aug. 25, two days after the Post's story first broke.
  • Rev. Sharpton Endorses Gustavo Rivera from Jeanmarie Evelly on Vimeo. (Bronx News) Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton came to the Bronx today to throw his support behind Gustavo Rivera, now the only candidate challenging incumbent Pedro Espada, Jr. for his seat in the 33rd State Senate District.
  • And then there were 2: Race for Espada's state Senate seat (BY FRANK LOMBARDI AND BOB KAPPSTATTER DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERS, NY Daily News) Ferrer denounced Espada as the most embarrassing "public official to have ever taken the oath of office."
  • Pedro Espada Throws $17,000 Check at Fruits and Vegetables (NY Magazine/Daily Intel)

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