Wednesday, September 22, 2010


  • Values the Key to the Independent Vote (By Heather Higgins, National Review/The Corner) Asked on what issue the current Democratic leadership’s actions have been most dismaying, the economy and job creation (22 percent) rank first, followed by the health-care legislation (17 percent).
  • Loyalties shift in vote-rich suburbs (By Philip Rucker, Washington Post) In 2008, independent voters went for Barack Obama over John McCain 52 percent to 44 percent...
  • More registering nonpartisan in Neb. 2nd District (Associated Press, Columbus Telegram - Nebraska) More than one in five registered voters in the 2nd District are not affiliated with a party. Independent voters in the district have increased by nearly 10,000 since 2006 to more than 82,600 by mid-September _ a 13 percent jump.
  • Independent voters need to save us (LETTER Payson Roundup - AZ) Since those of us that are registered as Independent voters aren’t beholden to party doctrine, dogma, or propaganda, it behooves the increasing percentage of Independents in our state to save Arizona from the political swamp we seem to be wallowing in at this point in time.
  • Primary system here worked as it should (By Bill Christofferson, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) The open primary was one of the progressive reforms of Fighting Bob La Follette a century ago, designed to let the voters choose the nominees, rather than have the party bosses decide in a caucus, convention or back room.
  • Riddle to press lawsuit after defeat - Law limits per-person donations to $200 for unaffiliated campaign (by Joe Hanel, Durango Herald Denver Bureau) It could be six to eight months before the case moves forward, Zimsky said. Brimmer might send legal questions to the state Supreme Court.
  • Tea party unlike true independents (Kim Wright, Rapid City Journal) The independent movement should not be confused with the tea party Movement although the members of both groups are unhappy with the two major parties. Independents are those voters who do not support a political party and seek to restructure the partisan political system. With a broad spectrum of Americans at the base, independents wish to reorganize the status quo and reform the partisan political practices. Independents use political alliances to support candidates who represent main stream America. NOTE: Kim Wright chairs SD Voice of Independents and can be reached at
  • Minor Parties Challenge 'Fusion Voting' in NY (By JEFF D. GORMAN, Courthouse News Service) The problem, according to the parties, is that double votes for a candidate are credited to the party that gained the most votes in the previous election.
  • Andrew Cuomo Looks to Abraham Lincoln for Campaign Strategy (NY Magazine/Daily Intel) Cuomo would prefer to debate Paladino and Conservative Party nominee Rick Lazio, but reportedly believes that Paladino wants the debate to include City Councilman Charles Barron, running on the liberal but anti-Democrat "Freedom Party" line, and Kristin Davis, the Client 9–linked madam running on the "Anti-Prohibition Party" (as in, marijuana) line.
  • Ex-Madam Kristin Davis Wants To Debate Cuomo, Paladino (Gothamist) Davis, whose platform includes both legalizing prostitution and legalizing marijuana, said that City Councilman Charles Barron, who is running as a Freedom Party candidate, should be able to debate, too, "Excluding blacks and women just because we lack access to huge special interest campaign contributions is just wrong. I favor letting all legal candidates debate." NOTE: Pictures are worth a thousand words! (She just might get my vote...)
  • Randy Credico Expects to Sue Over New York Fusion Restriction (Ballot Access News) Randy Credico has been nominated for U.S. Senate, full term, by both the Libertarian Party, and the Anti-Prohibition Party.  But the State Board of Elections has told him his name can be listed only once on the ballot, and that he must choose one line.

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