Thursday, September 09, 2010

Let's Blog: Welcome to The Hankster!

I hope you're following the new "Now That's Good Bloggin'" feature on the Hankster sidebar. It changes every week (or so). Last week we featured wonderful independent woman in Chicago The Indy Express. Go there. Do it!

This week is The Pajama Pundit -- check it out! Pajama Pundit is smart and independent, if a bit irritated about current religious intolerance...

Also --  new links on the Hankster sidebar: -- please check them out! - Global financial analysis from Trinidad-based economist Afra Raymond

South Dakota Voice of Independents is a grassroots group of independent and independent-minded voters.  We are working together to increase the visibility and influence of independent voters.  Across the country, as well as here in South Dakota, more and more voters are registering as independent.  We are organizing to give independent voters a voice in local, state and national government.

The Hankster last week linked to interesting reporters for Al Jazeera, but to tell the truth, not so much coverage of independents. Hmmm... stay tuned -- I'm pretty sure they'll catch up....

Sports? o Hell yeah -- So  check out Sandy Golston??? 'Nuf said - no excuses!!!

And, have to tell ya -- though I'm not a "centrist" I really like .....

Ok, let's get busy!

Go blogging -- you might like it!

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