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Thursday, December 02, 2010

The American People Did Not Vote for Unyielding Partisanship

"The American people did not vote for gridlock.  They didn't vote for unyielding partisanship. They're demanding cooperation and they're demanding progress.  And they'll hold all of us -- and I mean all of us -- accountable for it." (Barak Obama to Congressional leaders)
President Obama was quoted widely in the press this week "warning" Congressional leaders to come together "or else"...

David Axelrod told Judy Woodruff in an interview on Tuesday: "We have shared responsibilities now as a result of the election. It's very, very important that there be open lines of communication. I'm not going to be Pollyannish about it. There are big differences. That's why we have two parties. But it is important that, where we can find common ground, we do, especially on these fundamental issues like the economy and national security."

The real question is how are the parties able to bully an American President who was elected by a coalition of independents, blacks, progressives and young people? Over 40% of Americans consider themselves independent but 99% of Congress belongs to either the Democratic or Republican parties -- and they literally live by taking in each other's wash.  And, as historian Omar Ali likes to say, "Those Who Make the Rules, Rule". That's why independents are working on structural political reform -- and growing like wild!

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