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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pardon Billy the Kid, NOT the Parties!

  • Calif. blue election not likely to see conservative voters (Becky Yeh - OneNewsNow California correspondent, American Family News Network) The election will take place February 15 and will be the first of its kind since constituents voted to pass Proposition 14 and enable the top two vote-getters to run in the general election. But Craig Huey, speaker and founder of the Election Forum, says the Christian voice will be completely silenced this election in blue (Democrat-dominated) California.
  • Special election set for Runner's seat (Wesley G. Hughes, San Bernardino Sun) The deadline for filing for candidacy for the seat in the district, which cuts a swath across the northern sectors of San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Ventura counties, plus a minuscule piece of south Kern County, is 5 p.m. Jan. 3
  • Status of Republican Party Attempts to Obtain Party Registration via Courts in Two States (Ballot Access News) The Republican Parties in two states, Idaho and South Carolina, are currently litigating whether they are constitutionally entitled to some procedure that will prevent adherents of other political parties from voting in Republican primaries.
  • Third Parties Have Newfound Clout in NY (By Michael Gormley, Associated Press, Brooklyn Eagle) “It certainly is a stronger position,” said Long. “We moved up, and the Working Families Party moved up. I would give them credit ... the reason we moved up is because both parties represent something.”
  • Green, Conservative parties ready newfound clout (Associated Press, Wall Street Journal) "I think it's a better system, even though we changed positions," MacKay said. "Obviously we all want to be on Row A for bragging rights, but under the new system it's better for the voter to pick who he or she wants."

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