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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

South Carolina: to Join State Independents to Intervene on Behalf of Existing Open Primary?

According to its attorney Harry Kresky, is exploring the possibility of joining with South Carolina independents, third party activists and progressives to intervene in open primary litigation in South Carolina.

In June of this year the Republican Party commenced a lawsuit against the State of South Carolina which seeks to limit who can vote in the Republican Party primary elections to persons registered into the Party. You can read the RP complaint at Ballot Access News here.

As in Idaho, the plaintiffs claim that it violates their right to freedom of association for the State to allow non-party members to participate in the nomination of the Republican Party's candidates. South Carolina has had open primaries since the dismantling of the all white primary system in the 1950’s. would be aligned with the State of South Carolina in defending the open primary system.

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