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Thursday, December 30, 2010

We've got to stop 'Top 2' from coming, But How?


starchild said...

This cartoon is very misleading -- "top two" voting is actually a way to make elections MORE rigged, not less.

By allowing only the top two candidates to appear on the general election ballot, this law would shut out alternative parties and reduce voter choice. Voters could be faced with having to choose between two conservative Republicans, or two liberal Democrats.

Please OPPOSE "top two" voting and support real reforms like proportional representation that would create more genuine multiparty democracy in the United States.

Nancy Hanks said...

starchild, thanks for your comment.

From my vantage point, it's voters, not parties, that could use some choices...

This position has been articulated most eloquently by independent attorney Harry Kresky:

In this moment of possibility, it is important to remember what independents and minor party members have in common: a recognition that the major parties have too long placed partisan interests over the national interest; a belief that the existing two party arrangement keeps the policy dialogue within too narrow a framework; and a commitment to leveling the electoral playing field. - Harry Kresky

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