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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good news for independents: Open Primaries Stays in California

Good news for independents --  the California Supreme Court unanimously denied a request to block the Top Two Open Primary measure, Proposition 14, which takes effect in January. The launch on Monday of a new anti-party organization No Labels is stirring up lots of partisan rancor. The New York Independence Party is downgraded to Column E (5th place on the ballot) after holding Column C (ballot placement immediately after Dem and Repub) since 1999.


  • Might Makes Right Win Over Voters (John Zogby, Forbes/Data Place) By August of this year, Obama’s overall approval dropped to 43% , and to 32% among independents. Among Democrats, his approval in that poll dropped seven points to 83%. Since then, any fluctuation in the President’s approval has been due mainly to Democrats. On Dec. 10, 73% of Democrats gave the President their approval.
  • Obama needs a shutdown, not a Clinton (by Dr. Jason Johnson, Chicago Defender) Let’s be honest about history, Clinton’s first term was pretty much defined by his capitulation to the right, his penchant for frustrating his own base and his tendency to betray his friends. Does that sound like a formula for Barack Obama to follow?



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richardwinger said...

The California Supreme Court expressed no opinion about the merits of the case, which was not about Prop. 14 itself, but merely the implementing language. You might want to explain that the case was about the fact that the implementing language does not permit anyone to be listed on the ballot as an independent candidate. One would think supporters of independents would be upset by that provision of the bill.