Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Arizona Mail-In Vote Stacked Against Independent Voters

  • Officials pleased with city's first vote-by-mail election (KVOA) McTee says, "The person who designed this mail in vote seems to have stacked it against the independent voter. My husband is a Republican and he received a ballot in the mail. And I'm an independent voter so I didn't get one."
  • Report: Arizona independents growing in voters but not unified (By JOANNE INGRAM Cronkite News Service, East Valley Tribune) Robert Winn, a Maricopa political activist who has run write-in campaigns for governor and Senate as an independent, said independents have more power than the study suggests. “Independent voters are calling the shots now because they’ve got the numbers,” said Winn, who last year self-published a book called “A House Divided: Political Parties and Independence.”
  • 2012 election: Republican presidential primary not really ‘closed’ (By DAN D'ADDONA, The Holland Sentinel - MI) Michigan Republican leaders recently voted to choose the party’s 2012 presidential candidates with a closed primary… But since Michigan doesn’t require voters to register with a party, there isn’t anything stopping anyone from participating in the primary.

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