Saturday, August 06, 2011

  • Independents Hate Both Parties as Never Before (By Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic)  NOTE: This is the same article from yesterday with a different headline and a provocative photo...
  • The Media Myth of “Independents” (Seth Mandel, Commentary) Republicans should not fall into the trap Decker is setting for them. Voters are dissatisfied with the incumbent president because his policies have failed. There is no “reaching out” to Democrats and independents (or Republicans for that matter), at least in the classic sense; there is only offering solutions. This is mainly because independents don’t really exist–at least not in the way the media and pollsters continue to claim they do, against all available evidence.
  •  NOTE: Seth Mandel is a conservative journalist and the former managing editor of four New Jersey-based newspapers, where he won awards for his coverage of the Middle East and Russia. He has appeared on Shalom TV's current affairs roundtable. He is currently based in Washington, D.C. Twitter: @SethAMandel
  • In Search of Independents: Colorado (By Anna Sale, WNYC/It's a Free Country) I started our search this week in Colorado, with a first stop in Fort County in Larimer County, has more registered independent "unaffiliated" voters than Republicans or Democrats.

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