Friday, August 05, 2011

Independence in New York and Philadelphia

Two Candidates File Nomination Petitions for the 8th District - Brian Rudnick of the Green Party and Independent Jim Foster filed petitions Monday. (By Kaitlyn Foti, Mt. Airy Patch) Foster, publisher of Germantown Newspapers, decided to run as an independent candidate less than a week before the Aug. 1 deadline.

Time to end gerrymandering, New York (By ROBERT ABRAMS, Albany Times Union) The notorious dysfunction of Albany can be traced in large part to the noncompetitive elections for the Assembly and state Senate. Gerrymandering prevents important substantive issues from being debated, and engenders cynicism on the part of voters that depresses turnout. We must create an independent process that removes the conflict of interest that occurs when legislators draw their own lines.

What Michael Nutter Can Learn from Michael Bloomberg - The New York mayor's smart, courageous act (Philadelphia Magazine/The Philly Post) Today, the mayor of New York, a lifelong middle-of-the-road millionaire turned politician with bureaucratic tendencies, is showing how it’s done. He’s pledging $130 million—including $30 million of his own dough—to improve the lives of an estimated 315,000 undereducated, unemployed and incarcerated citizens in his city.

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