Wednesday, August 03, 2011

TMV: CNN's Don Lemon Brings Back Independent Analyst Panel to React to Debt Ceiling Limit Crisis (VIDEO)

From The Moderate Voice
On Sunday CNN’s Don Lemon brought back his independent analyst panel to get their reactions to the debt ceiling limit crisis. He has had this panel composed of TMV’s Joe Gandelman, Dr. Omar Ali, and Nicole Kurokawa Neily on approximately seven times since November 2009 — often tracking members down when they were traveling.


Sarah Rose said...

The Independent Women's Forum is by no means an appropriate authority on either independent voters, or women voters.

Nancy Hanks said...

Sarah, please say more. I know that the spokesperson Nicole Kurokawa Neily is a former media manager at the Cato Institute and seems to be ideologically to the right, but I'm not too familiar with the Independent Women's Forum. Do tell!