Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Building the Arsenal of Political Reform: Proportional Representation and Internet Voting

  • The best way to fight the two-party monopoly (By Michael Lind, SALON) Most of the world’s democracies have adopted one or another version of proportional representation (PR), an electoral system that more or less accurately reflects the diversity of political views among the country’s citizens. Unfortunately, from 18th century Britain the U.S. inherited the older, less representative system called plurality voting or "first past the post" voting.
  • Natalie Tennant: Internet Voting Profile in Courage (by William J. Kelleher, Ph.D., The Hankster) Just as in the military, a Secretary of State, or any public official, deserves praise whenever they show courage under fire. Tennant showed this courage when she went ahead with her Internet voting trial for overseas military voters. As she stated on the WV SOS website. "The members of our military are putting their lives on the line every day … I thought it was extremely important to make sure they had secure access to an online ballot. We had to make sure their voice was heard."

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