Sunday, May 28, 2006

California: Independent voters leading state politics

Schwarzenegger's baaack
California voters still like the governor, and that is why Westly and Angelides remain stuck in his shadow.
By Lou Cannon
LA Times
...Schwarzenegger's personality was an asset in the recall election that ousted then-Gov. Gray Davis, a lifelong politician who came across as wooden. His likability contrasts with the unpopularity of President Bush. Although the Public Policy Institute poll didn't directly measure Bush's likability, a spate of national polls have shown that many Americans, including overwhelming majorities of Democrats and independents, have an unfavorable personal impression of the president and also reject many of his policies. Likability isn't everything, but it can cushion a political leader in bad times, as it did President Reagan during the Iran-Contra affair and President Clinton throughout his impeachment ordeal.... [more]

Angelides Pulls Even With Westly
The Democrats are neck and neck with 10 days to go in a fiercely contested race to take on the governor. Many voters are still undecided.
By Michael Finnegan, Times Staff Writer May 28, 2006 LA Times ...In the primary, Westly has lost the lead he held last month among a broad swath of likely Democratic primary voters. (Independent voters will be allowed to cast a ballot in major party primaries this year.) Most significant, liberals and union members have tilted toward Angelides, the favored candidate of the party establishment and organized labor.... [more]

We're sick of voting
Californians are suffering from election fatigue. Symptoms may include a record-low turnout for the June primary.
By Tony Quinn, May 28, 2006 LA Times
CALIFORNIANS set a record in 2002: Fewer turned out for a primary election than ever before — just 34.6% of registered voters. Even fewer may turn out for June's primary.
The problem is that Californians are suffering from election fatigue. This will be the fourth election in four years. Two were for governor and a third was a proxy vote for governor..... [more]

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