Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Texas: Strayhorn playing politics? ...Isn't that the point?

Editorial: Tough Grandma plays tough? Amarillo Globe News May 31, 2006 -- Texas Comptroller Carole "One Tough Grandma" Strayhorn is showing just how tough she can be - particularly when her toughness interferes with an opponent's ability to do his job.Gov. Rick Perry wanted to sign House Bill 63 into law at Beaumont's Lamar University. Granted, the Republican incumbent preferred to make something of a show of it, given that he is running for re-election to the job that Strayhorn also is seeking as an independent candidate.
Strayhorn delayed certifying that the state actually could pay for HB 63, which contained $34 million in Hurricane Rita relief to repair damage the 2005 storm caused at Lamar. She eventually did certify the funds, but in the process she denied Perry the signing ceremony that likely would have shown up on the governor's campaign ads later this year.... [

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