Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oregon: Governor's race needs discussion of issues, not personal attacks

Issues are the election lure to re-engage voters

Governor hopefuls need to focus on five factors to spark voters' interest

May 21, 2006 Salem Statesman Journal-- The Ron and Ted shows bored Oregon voters during the primary election season. Although Republican Ron Saxton and Democratic Gov. Ted Kulongoski handily won their respective party primaries, more than 60 percent of Oregon's registered voters didn't bother to vote.... Maybe having a credible independent in the gubernatorial race, state Sen. Ben Westlund, will spice up the campaigns and draw voters' attention this summer and fall. There certainly is no shortage of issues to discuss.... Let's hear the governor candidates admit that. Then let's hear them specify what actions, if any, state agencies should take in dealing with undocumented immigrants, their families and businesses that employ them.
And one last request as Westlund, Saxton and Kulongoski -- and their supporters -- campaign during the next five months: Focus on these issues. Not each other....

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