Friday, May 26, 2006

Florida: Independent voter registration blocked by party ploys

From Daytona Beach News Journal:
There is no problem so great that the Florida Legislature can't make things worse.
Take voter registration. In 2004, this state's elections were closely watched, with groups from across the country pouring in to observe and, in some cases, help out.
Several independent groups got involved in voter registration and some, intentionally or otherwise, botched it pretty badly. The incidents were rare, but attention-getting: Some voters found their registrations were never turned in. Other groups were caught shredding registrations of voters who didn't match the group's own party affiliation, or turning in registrations for people who didn't exist.... The Legislature might not have intended to go after groups like the League. But lawmakers definitely didn't intend to go after the most likely sources of elections fraud -- because they didn't name political parties. Party operatives don't face fines of up to $5,000 per voter registration. Only independent groups do.... [more]

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