Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oregon: Dems don't understand independent petitioning process

"All this talk" about Ben Westlund hiring petitioners -- are the Dems serious when they say it indicates lack of support? Either they don't know how independents get on the ballot where ballot access laws have been implemented by bipartisan legislatures to keep them off, OR it's typical spin because they're scared.....

Independent gubernatorial hopeful Ben Westlund is launching an all-out effort to gain a spot on the November ballot that he says will include the use of paid petition carriers to gather signatures for him.
The central
Oregon senator says he decided to use paid petitioners because his signature-gathering effort has been made more difficult by a state law passed by the 2005 Legislature.
It says independent candidates can only get valid signatures from fellow independents or from Democrats or Republicans who didn’t vote in the May 16 primary. Before the new law, any registered voter could sign a nominating petition for an independent candidate.... [more]

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