Sunday, May 28, 2006

New York: Lenora Fulani leads grassroots fight for justice within Independence Party

Independence Party members in New York City are fighting in the courts, and on the ground against the corruption coming from the state leadership of the Independence Party, and ultimately from Dem big-shots like Hillary and Spitzer. It's a matter of grassroots democracy, and also a matter of voting rights violations.

Read Dr. Fulani's press release from March. Rob Redding also reported on this fight in March in Redding News Review. Read the Justice Department complaint and cover letter submitted by Fulani attorneys Harry Kresky and Gary Sinawski. The New York City IP has launched a 3,600-grassroots candidate petitioning drive to secure local control in the five boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island so that the state leadership and the Dems or Repubs can't tell city independents who they can vote for. Below is an update on court hearings posted in Richard Winger's Ballot Access News.... Stay tuned! --NH

Fulani Sues State Chair of Independence Party in Federal Court
Ballot Access News, May 25th, 2006
On May 16, Lenora Fulani and her political allies filed a federal lawsuit against the state leaders of the New York Independence Party. Fulani v MacKay, s.d., 06-cv-3747. New York city is under the Pre-Clearance Requirements of the federal Voting Rights Act. The lawsuit justifiably claims that when the state Independence Party dissolved 3 county units of that party, that the action amounts to a change in a voting procedure that should have been submitted to the Justice Department before it was implemented. It is true that political party rules changes, in covered jurisdictions, are subject to the Voting Rights Act. A US Supreme Court case, Morse v Virginia Republican Party, 517 US 186, established that in 1996.
The Fulani lawsuit had one preliminary hearing on May 24 and will have a more substantive hearing on June 1. The case is before U.S. District Court Judge George Daniels, a Clinton appointee.

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