Thursday, May 25, 2006

Alabama: Ed Packard wants to lower signature requirements for independent candidates...

The Hankster received this email from Ed Packard, the Dem candidate running against his boss Nancy Worley (Ed is the director of the elections division in the secretary of state’s office) for Alabama Secretary of State. [see Stephen Gordon's comments from the Hammer of Truth on The Hankster from May 19] Ed has just posted a statement, in response to Gordon and other indies in Alabama who support him, that advocates for a much lower signature requirement for independents and third parties to get on the ballot. Bob Friedman, long time political activist and Chair of the Alabama Independent Movement, calls Ed “a true independent because, unlike his opponent, he’s more concerned about fair elections and an even playing field than about ideology.”

Thanks, Ed! That's something I believe independent voters can get behind! --NH

Here's his email:

Hi ...

As you know, ballot access has been an area of concern for me as an election official. You know I'm supportive of expanded ballot access for independent candidates and minor political parties.

As I had mentioned to Stephen Gordon a few days ago, I planned to add a posting to my campaign blog about ballot access. I have done that tonight.

I invite you to visit the blog and read the entry. Comments are welcome and invited.

Thanks for all your support.

Ed Packard
Prattville, Alabama

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ed, Bravo!

Good luck with you campaign. I am so glad that you are running and using your campaign to expose the extent to which the government is using it's power and resources to limit and discourage dialogue and debate. I believe that the government's insistance to keep the people out of politics only contributes to our social problems, such millions of Americans living below the poverty line (children, elderly, veterans, etc.) and young people leaving school not knowing how to read. I am sure that with increasing voter participation/interest, real dialogue and discussion on issues of concern we, the American people can turn this around.

I am a New Yorker and a regular reader of the Hankster, that's how your blog came across my desk.

S. Williams