Friday, May 19, 2006

Alabama: Ed Packard over Nancy Worley better choice absent independent candidate

Fixing Electoral Problems in Alabama Hammer of Truth blog May 18, 2006... The Alabama Secretary of State race is starting to become a bit interesting. Beth Chapman, the Republican candidate, has been receiving ink for this recent publicity stunt:...On June 6, Worley will face Ed Packard, one of her employees in the state elections division, for the Democratic nomination. Packard has filed a complaint with the state AG because of Worley’s campaign activities:
An employee and political rival of Secretary of State Nancy Worley says she has asked her employees to contribute to her re-election campaign in apparent violation of state law.
Ed Packard, director of the elections division in the secretary of state’s office, filed a complaint Tuesday with Republican Attorney General Troy King alleging Worley sent letters to employees that included pledge cards for her campaign.
As there is no third party or independent candidate in this race, I’ve had to take a look at candidates the two big parties. Obviously, any ethical person will dismiss any consideration of voting for Worley for the reasons outlined above. ....

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