Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oregon: Ben Westlund's supporters are the "man" to beat...

OR Primary: Post-mortem By: GOB · Section: Diaries RedState blogMay 19, 2006 ...State Senator Ben Westlund (I-Bend) will take care of the problem for him, drawing suburban moderates and disaffected liberals with his strong pro-health-care and pro-gay-rights stances, combined with a proven record of fiscal conservatism. Conventional wisdom is that Westlund, despite having left the Republican Party mere months ago, will draw about 2-1 from the left over the right. It's bad enough to make the normally genial governor, in addition to criticizing Saxton right off the bat, add in a jab at Westlund's "change of stripes." ... more

Kulongoski wins teachers union endorsement 05/20/2006 By BRAD CAIN / Associated Press KGW -- After being snubbed by public employee unions in the Democratic primary, Gov. Ted Kulongoski received a major boost Friday night when the influential Oregon Education Association endorsed his re-election bid. ... more

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