Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tonight's News from New York City's Performing the World

Tonight is the kick-off of Perfoming the World, the exciting international conference/ performance festival that has brought together over 550 from more than 40 countries to "create some new performances together," as Convener Lois Holzman says. "There is too much that is old -- war, poverty, HIV/AIDS, national and ethnic conflict, sexual abuse and oppression, and countless other ways of stifling human potential and destroying environments... We don't know where we're going, but we do know that we the people have to create how we're getting there. We're going to change the world by re-performing it!"

Over the course of the next few days you will see images and vignettes on The Hankster that hopefully capture some of the spirit and creativity that we are engaged in here in New York City. I already find it inspiring.

I just came from registration and the reception at the beautiful newly renovated All Stars Project on West 42nd St. ("We're not Disney, but we're not Mickey Mouse either!") where many of the presenters and attendees are gathering. Gabrielle Kurlander, President and CEO of the All Starts Project, Inc. says, "For us, play is the thing. We play and produce play everywhere: on our four stages on 42nd Street, in corporate boardrooms, and in inner-city communities...."

"Blogging the World" also starts tonight, with photos of my house guests from Toronto, Gloria and Jacqueline (and myself) on the 7 train going from my studio in Queens to Manhattan. PTW '08 for the first time is being performed in New York City and the performance community has opened its home -- literally -- to attendees.

Ok, that's the last "officialness" on this conference/performance. Without further ado, here is Performing the World! Please stay tuned!

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