Sunday, September 07, 2008

Blogging the World: An Online Stage for Activists (Or Performatory Blogging for Everyone)

"Blogging the World" is a panel discussion by bloggers and alternative media journalists and activists at the upcoming Performing The World international conference to be held in New York City October 2-5.

"Blogging the World" will address the themes of community-building, performance and development, as well as issues of technology, democracy, and activism. We will also be a performance within a performance--a “happening within a happening”, broadcast throughout the stratosblog.

Begun in the mid-1990s, blogs have been so successful as outlets for alternative news and opinions of ordinary voices and alternative journalists that Technorati now tracks more than 112 million blogs. Mainstream media has taken up blogging – every online newspaper has one.

The influence of the “netroots” in political campaigns over the past several years has been notable. From Howard Dean to Ned Lamont to the Ron Paul Revolution and the Barack Obama “phenomenon”, the advance of social-networking tools and online campaigning are helping to transform politics.

Blogging is the performance of ordinary people as media personalities, pundits commentators and newsmakers—actors in the political arena, insurgents speaking out and impacting our political culture.

“Blogging The World” will involve an introductory session where bloggers and new media/ alternative media journalists and activists come together to share experiences and discuss questions such as: Do you as a blogger or new/alternative media journalist consider yourself part of a community? What is community? Is the internet a form of radical democracy in action, or simply technology being used by anyone who has a computer? How are you using your blog to build connections and relationships that strengthen grassroots democratic action?

“Blogging the World“ will also fan out to cover the various workshops, panels, speeches and performances by live-blogging, video-taping and broadcasting Performing The World. Bloggers will attend other sessions and report on them, interview presenters, and give our audiences a sense of this important grassroots conference.

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About Blogging the World's host: Nancy Hanks is a long-time activist in independent politics and the author of The Hankster, a blog/news source for independent voters. The Hankster was started in April 2006, during the midterm elections when independent voters led a successful anti-war electoral revolution. Nancy is a grant-writer for an international homeless youth program and volunteers as a fundraiser for the Committee for a Unified Independent Party ( She is on the research staff of the Neo-Independent magazine. Nancy has been a guest commentator on SIRIUS Satellite Radio's Indie Talk Blog Bunker with Joe Salzone.

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