Monday, September 08, 2008

Got Traction?

The Hankster highly recommends Traction, now on The Hankster sidebar. Founder Lanya Shapiro told IndyWeek back in 2006 when she won a Citizen Award: "We're showing people that there are great, fun, ass-kicking activists."

In 2007 Lanya was deemed "Best Organizer" and Traction, "Best Progressive Activist Group" by local Indy reporter Bob Geary, as quoted on the Tides Center site.

This June Philanthropy Journal reported in an article called Younger, hipper brand of activism by Ret Boney:

DURHAM, N.C. -- For Triangle-based Traction, the key to getting young adults engaged and active in their community is fun, friends and a dose of creative education.

Through social networking, with the emphasis on "social," Traction aims to "build the critical mass of energized and engaged citizen activists who will power the progressive movement," says Lanya Shapiro, the group's executive director. (read more here)!

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