Friday, September 26, 2008

Independent voters and The Media: What are your Top Ten Thing To Do Other Than Watch TV Election Coverage???

Courtney Terry, founder of Independent Arkansans, writes:

I finished some school work tonight, and caught up on the Hankster. Here's my top 10 things to do besides watch media coverage of the campaigns:
10. Check out cookbooks from the library and experiment with some new foods.
9. Exercise, with no TV.
8. Watch a funny movie: I suggest the classic "Some Like it Hot", and newer "Dan in Real Life".
7. Re-decorate for the Fall. (Orange is actually a calming color.)
6. Plan a weekend vacation, for a conference or just a local day-trip.
5. Read. Anything.
4. Start a blog. (
3. Take a class.
2. Teach your kid a new skill, or your pet a new trick. (If you don't have either, go help someone else.)
1. Honestly, staring at a blank wall for an hour sounds like more fun that watching more mainstream media coverage of the presidential campaigns right now.
- Courtney S. Terry

Thanks, Courtney!!

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