Monday, September 22, 2008



  • Obama, McCain vie for New Hampshire "swing" votes (Reuters)
  • Barack Obama's Skin Color An Issue (Afro - MD)


  • Independent Jolts Minnesota Senate Race (Wall Street Journal) Mr. Barkley draws voters from both parties, but many observers see his candidacy as more threatening to Mr. Franken, who has struggled to consolidate Democratic support.
  • McCain Wins Independence Endorsement (NY Sun) In a joint statement yesterday, four county chairman of the New York City Independence Party criticized the state party for endorsing Mr. McCain.
  • McCain Receives 88% of Weighted Vote at Independence Party State Convention (Ballot Access News) [NOTE: Be sure to read the comments on this article -- everyone knows that independence is dead in the state committee of the New York Independence Party. Frank MacKay has succeeded at killing grassroots democracy and local control everywhere except in the 5 boroughs of New York City -- and he's still hacking away at our legally constituted county committees... In a joint statement released yesterday, the New York City organizations said: "MacKay has corrupted and virtually destroyed the State Party taking it from a vibrant, pro-democracy force for political reform to a corrupt manipulation of people’s genuine desire for change. If John McCain thinks that the State Independence Party is a symbol of independent thinking and activism, he is sadly mistaken. -- read more here.]

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