Sunday, September 07, 2008


  • Open the Debates! (Diary Entry by David Barboza, OpEdNews) Americans should denounce our debate inclusion criteria for what they are: a partisan sham.
  • Voter is restricted in primary contest: Open primaries needed (Tulsa Beacon LETTER)
  • OSU political expert to talk about election (Corvallis Gazette-Times) Bill Lunch says “If [Measure 65] passes it will not make the system less polarized, but more so,” he said. He said he’ll spend more time explaining Measure 65 than any of the other measures.
  • Don't cross over when you vote: Stay on one side of the ballot from top to bottom (Pacific Daily News) Guam voters face voided ballots if they vote across party lines in primary
  • Child's play (Press Democrat Santa Rosa CA) this year's performance [by the State Legislature] is one more good reason to support Proposition 11, which would strip state legislators of the ability to draw their own districts. The next good step would be restoring the open primary, so legislators truly could be held accountable at the polls.
  • A brand new system: It's popular and it works - WA Top Two (Tri-City Herald/Mid-Columbia news) Herald reporter Chris Mulick said that the survey of 500 voters, conducted Aug. 22 through Aug. 24, indicated 71 percent preferred the top two while just 20 percent preferred the pick-a-party primary.
  • Editorial: Open Primary offers opportunity for meaningful votes (Post Bulletin Rochester MN) because Minnesota has an open primary, you don't have to be a member of a political party to participate.

  • Obama, McCain vie for ‘reformist’ mantle (Kansas City Star) With the back-to-back conventions over, the fall race for the presidency took off Friday in states teeming with the independent voters each needs to win the White House.
  • Zogby: McCain-Palin Got 'Small Bounce' After Minn. (By: Newsmax)
  • Are Evangelicals Really Sold on Palin? (Time) But with fewer than 60 days until Election Day (and a month before the start of early voting in many states), the McCain campaign's continued courting of the more traditional base spells trouble for any efforts to expand his appeal to independent voters and less conservative Evangelicals.
  • Historic White House race enters final stretch (AP/Houston Chronicle)
  • Debate schedule (SF Gate)
  • Keep the change (Trenton Times Editorial) McCain's call for an end to the "constant partisan rancor" was ludicrous. Unless, of course, he was speaking directly to his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and the former foes he'd assembled the night before to mock, deride and dismiss the Democratic ticket on his behalf.
  • EDITORIAL: Stealing Obama's rhetoric (Washington Times/AP) In the blink of an eye, the party of national security, limited government and family values has become the party of "reform."
  • E. J. Dionne Jr. Straight talker's convention was full of derision-It's sort of hard to come away from that thinking "nonpartisanship." (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
  • An Apostle of Alaska - We know the outlines—the moose-hunting mom who juggles BlackBerrys and kids. But what does she believe? The real Sarah Palin. (NEWSWEEK)
  • Will they ever get it right? (Conservative Republican Discussion forums by Dacabeti, Christian Conservative Pitbull) I am so tired of hearing about Obama being the first black Presidential Candidate. Or Hillary being the first women to get serious consideration.

  • Queens Councilmembers Liu, Comrie support overturning term limits (Queens Times Ledger) HINT: This is not a good thing! Do New York City politicians REALLY think they can get away with this because Bloomberg is leaving office? Yes, they really do. Apparently they didn't take the black and independent alliance seriously! - NH
  • POLITICS & POWER: LI McCain backer gets his due (Rick Brand, NY Newsday) Boyle's immediate job will be to help McCain lock up the backing of the national Independence Party that state and Suffolk party leader Frank MacKay originally organized for New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg's now-scotched presidential bid. HINT: Who will be the highest bidder for the corrupted state Independence Party of New York??? Democrats -- ponie up or you might be out of luck in upstate New York!!! - NH

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