Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Brighter Day Will Come: Barack Obama, Independents, Partisan Politics, YOU choose

I'm inspired by blog posts like this one from Road Kill Refugee, which offers a more working class message from Barack Obama (in one of my home states of Virginia....)

I admit it, I'm a radical populist -- I don't give a shit for the two-party system that supports the interests of corporate America. Whether or not McCain "gets it" or not, is NOT the issue.

At the same time, Obama's message continues to be a partisan message.

We the people need to make a statement about our priorities and the direction of the country. Obama is talking rhetoric about turning the page, creating a new politics. This is not Barack Obama's task. This is the task of the American people.

If we will do this, it is the task of ALL us Americans. I think that independent voters can lead this!

I simply cannot support party politics as usual that has led us down the path of destruction. In the event that Barack Obama actually does win this election, if independents don't keep up the pressure for a non-partisan political culture, NOTHING WILL CHANGE, nothing will be different.

This post is dedicated to Tony Fusco in Queens, NY. We have agreed to disagree. And we are DEADSET on a democratic process. Thanks for your comradrie and your confidence in the indpendent movment! -- NH

Let the people decide!

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