Thursday, September 04, 2008


After closing commission primary, GOP write-in drops out (Ocala Star-Banner) Libertarian Damien Ober compared his campaign to "a piece of art or a song."

  • Where Does the GOP Go From Here? (Wall Street Journal) But the party's problems are not confined to disaffected Republicans. The GOP has a problem with independent voters. As one analyst told me privately at the convention on Monday, in 2004 President Bush became the first president in the history of polling to win the White House without winning Independents. The bottom line is this: With the changes in party identification in the last few years, if Republicans, Democrats and Independents vote by party with 2004 proportions in 2008, Barack Obama will win.
  • Republicans Are Mean (OpEdNews) Let’s see, how to appeal to all those wavering independents and disaffected Hillary supporters? Let’s insult those stupid Democrats and Obama people reeeel good and kick ‘em in the teeth, sneer at their efforts to be inclusive, to work toward unity and rehabilitate America’s damaged image around the world, or to help people in great need, and then make a shameless plea for their support at the polls. Scoff, especially rudely, at their community organizing efforts – the ultimate and most effective hands-on grassroots outreach programs that help people in need directly where they live – especially if government has turned its back.

  • More Choices for Voters in November-Third-Party, Unaffiliated Candidates on Ballot (Washington Post)
  • Taking on the War Machine: An Interview with Cindy Sheehan (by Joshua Frank, Dissident Voice) "I became only the sixth non-partisan candidate in California history to qualify for ballot status, and the first Congressional Candidate since 1996!"
  • Free Paulistine! Brother Ron's travelling salvation show (David Weigel, reason magazine)

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