Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Independent voters and The Media: What are your Top Ten Thing To Do Other Than Watch TV Election Coverage???

After several conversations with my co-workers at my job this week, I'd like to offer a "Top Ten Things To Do Besides Watch the "Election News" While We Wait to Vote...."

We talk about corporate media and certainly the media is exposed this year in being COMPLETELY politicized. Well, of course the media has ALWAYS been politicized, it's just that never have SO MANY people been SO DISSATISFIED with the "reporting".... WHY? My guess is that it has to do with SO MANY people being disillusioned by the political process INCLUDING THE MEDIA, and choosing to become independents.

Becoming an independent is a real thing in America right now! We know that because EVEN the media recognizes it. And we all know that the media is the FIRST to opportunize and the LAST to know. Or at least the last to report.... Hmmm......

So, here's my list:
#10 Watch David Letterman, who actually created this famous list

#9 Watch re-runs of Seinfeld and start a support group

#8 Play Lindsay Lohan songs on your iPod while watching re-runs of "The Golden Girls" on mute

# 7 Get home in time to see the REAL NEWS on Jon Stewart

Well, you get the idea! Send me your TOP THING TO DO OTHER THAN WATCH ELECTION NEWS!!!

I'll print it!

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