Monday, September 08, 2008

My Problem with Lou Dobbs Independent Convention

I am a long-time community organizer, a 35-year independent activist, currently the Secretary of the Queens County Independence Committee of the Independence Party of the State of New York.

Lou Dobbs is a CNN commentator who many people I've spoken with over the past few months has turned off independent voters.

Why? Although he has encouraged people to leave the parties, which is a good thing, he is also a rabid anti-integrationist. He has used his platform on the mainstream media outlet CNN primetime to preach anti-immigration and anti-integration. Many former Republicans have heeded his words; many independents have taken note. We would presume that CNN encourages this anti-integration (racist) poppycock.

However, it turns out that Lou Dobbs is nothing more than an opportunist hack working to push an anti-immigration anti-integration agenda and using CNN to preach.

Lou Dobbs doesn't represent independent voters. But he certainly seems to be able to command CNN.

This is a testament to the strength of the independent movement. Independents are anti-partisan, NOT anti-integrationist or anti-immigrant. Independent voters are anti-partisan. Period.

Go create your own movement, Lou. I'm insulted that you would dare speak for independents. You are a partisan sham. Call me when you knock on 2 doors in you neighborhood.

- NH

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