Friday, September 05, 2008


REFORM: More on the Washington primary and the Oregon referendum Measure 65 for "Top Two" primaries
  • Washington State Primary Turnout Worse in 2008 than in 2004 (Ballot Access News)
  • New poll won't sway GOP on top two (Politicker WA) The Olympian reports that the Elway poll found 76 percent of respondents approved of the new system
  • Washington State Elections Division poll on Top Two (The Olympian) 76% like it
  • Top-two primary voting worked well (Daily Astorian) Real choice consists of voting for whomever you like, without the parties avidly pulling the strings. This system does that.
  • Constitution Party activist points to Democratic and Republican cooperation to limit democracy (Independent Political Report (Austin Cassidy's blog)

  • A party united-Galvanized by Palin pick, GOP's conservative base ready to fight (Boston Globe) But Mary Anne Marsh, a Democratic strategist in Boston, said Palin will not appeal to moderate and independent voters, and said she is almost purely as an instrument "to fire up the base" of the Republican Party.
  • Will GOP Ticket’s ‘Values’ Appeal Reach Swing Voters? (CQ Politics) “It’s a conundrum.”
  • McCain Is Everyone's Maverick -- For Now (by Ronald Brownstein, National Journal) But through this campaign McCain has transformed into a more conventional Republican.
  • Hillsman Gives Mixed Review to Republican Efforts-But Adman Says Obama Won't Convince Independents That McCain Is Just Like Bush (AdAge) The job that has to be done for Obama to win ... is to convince independents that this John McCain is a hell of a lot different from the John McCain in 2000."
  • Poll: Palin's Speech Reassured Independents About Her (Talking Points Memo) A solid 57% of independents give her speech an "A" grade, and 56% say she is an asset to the campaign while only 27% call her a liability.
  • Will Palin's tough talk win over undecideds? (CNN) John Avlon says: Instead of running a "NoBama" campaign, McCain and Palin need to remind independents why they liked McCain so much during his 2000 presidential run.
  • Political Theater (By Political Realm (on Donklephant) Great description of the GOP convention
  • What McCain Must Do Tonight (Taegan Goddard, CQ Politics/Political Insider) If he cannot connect with independents on the key issues -- in particular, the economy and health care -- it doesn't matter how good Sarah Palin was last night.
  • The Morning After Palin (Taegan Goddard's Political Wire)
  • Free Press voter panel reacts to Palin's speech (Detroit Free Press) Independents completely underwhelmed.
  • Second Night of the Republican Convention (Taegan Goddard's Political Wire) relentless mocking of Democrats will not appeal to moderates and independents
  • The woman from nowhere (The Economist) John McCain’s choice of running-mate raises serious questions about his judgment
  • It's all about the independents, GOP pollster says (The Birmingham News)
  • Does Palin Have Independent Appeal? (RealClearPolitics) Richard Viguerie declared "Sarah Palin is the next Ronald Reagan."

Alaska: the Un-American State (Huffington Post/Billy Kimball) When asked by her constituents, "Can I have my allowance early, Mom?" Sarah Palin has always answered yes and thus became the most popular mom in America.

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jeff said...

It's a stunning proposition to me to think that the people in this country would not be able to see past the obvious adaptation of the Republican party to try absolutely anything to put spin on the campaign and motivation to stay in control and power over the stewardship of this country. What could possibly be attractive about the notion of a self described "Hockey mom" or "Walmart mom" or whatever you want to call Sarah Palin being the President of this Country. Think of it. A woman who barely got through college and manages one of the smaller population states in the country being the "Leader" of the free world. If John McCain tried to get life insurance at his age with his medical history, he would have to pay the value of the policy to buy it because it's more likely that he won't make it through the next four years than he will make it. So, now it comes down to all the good Christians, Evangelicals, righteous Religious folks to be able set aside their judgements and prejudices about a man who is not "caucasian." A man who has come from very difficult circumstances to achieve educational milestones that every American would love to see their own child achieve. A man who instead of taking a high paying job, got involved in his community and educated them about their right to vote and organize to bring attention to problems that the majority of American's confront on a daily basis in numbers that exceed the entire population of Alaska. A man who is a constiutional professor at one of the most prestigious Universities in the country.
What person has to talk to the voting population to enlighten them to vote and ensure that we have intelligent people governing the United States? The last eight years has without doubt been among the worst in the history of the country because people voted for a guy they thought they wanted to have a beer with. That approach failed all of us and got MANY people killed, gave away enormous amounts of our treasure, and denigrated the standing of our country around the world.