Friday, April 11, 2008

The "Other" Club...

I saw something yesterday by Nathaniel Bach on Huffington Post about the Obama campaign "cuts out little people" -- volunteers who want to be delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Apparently, there's only so much room in the convention hall and Obama is getting such a big response that some campaign volunteers are not making the cut.... Well, what can you expect from a clubhouse???

What's notable here to me is that Obama attracted twice as many grassroots delegates as Hillary did in Calif. This is a case of the glass being half empty or half full -- Nathaniel might choose to "look on the bright side", but instead he's disappointed in party politics...... Hey, welcome to the Other Club!

Here's an emotional moment-to-moment diary from Brian Leubitz on Calitics on the subject which is rather honest and enjoyable as he works out his paranoia:
"Another Progressive Purged! Obama Campaign Slashes Delegate Lists in CA: In anticipation of Sunday's delegate caucus elections, the Obama campaign slashed 950 of 1700 candidates who had filed to run to represent Obama at the National Democratic Party convention in August. The Clinton campaign only cut 50 out of 950 candidates who filed to rep Hillary. What's going on with the Obama campaign?..... UPDATE 3: I sound very heartbroken, perhaps a little more than I actually am, but, ah well, dramatic license and all. ......... UPDATE 4: Who am I kidding, I'll still give Obama money and my time. And perhaps I was a bit out of line when I said otherwise......"

Hang in there, grassroots Dems!

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