Friday, April 11, 2008



  • What Independent Voters Want (By Marcia Ford, Donklephant)
  • Editorial: It’s time to approve an open primary (Corvallis Gazette Times) As state Sen. Frank Morse recently told the Gazette-Times, “I realize it’s an uphill battle with the parties, but I feel that a process that disenfranchises 25 percent of the electorate is wrong.”


  • Indiana Analysis: Obama's image helps draw support (NorthWest Times) Obama reaches outside the traditional confines of the Democratic primary electorate
  • Has McCain Flip-Flopped on Torture? (Time) Dean's statement, distributed in a press release, was a political attack meant to raise questions among independent voters.
  • Race is Still the X Factor for Obama (Earl Ofari Hutchinson, if he can’t convince Clinton’s white vote supporters, and they are Democrats, to back him, the chances are nil that he’ll have any more success with Republican and independent white voters in these states.
  • The Challenge of Disrupting the Emotions Obama Generates (The Campaign Spot/National Review Online) Fully 82% of black Democratic and Democratic-leaning independent voters say Obama has made them feel proud, but just over half of white Democrats (53%) express this view.
  • LINK TO PEW RESEARCH POLL 3/27/08 on Obama, Rev. Wright, Clinton Credibility
  • Upcoming contests: Still single digits (MSNBC FIRST READ) "North Carolina has netted at least 110,000 new voters so far this year, with a particularly sharp rise among unaffiliated voters, Democrats and black people, according to the State Board of Elections."

  • Primary party-swap deadline is today (Charlotte Observer)
  • A complicated ballot full of critical choices-Voters tune into new registration rules, new county commissioner districts and contested races from the top of the ticket to a local tax referendum (Carrboro Citizen)
  • North Carolinians registering to vote in record numbers (Miami Herald)

  • The popular vote's margin of error (MSNBC/Mystery Pollster, By Mark Blumenthal) Measurement criteria may cloudy the Democratic candidates' vote tally
  • CUIP is putting together a report that will be widely distributed this summer about independents and the presidential primaries, so let your voice be heard -- take the poll at

  • Bloomberg Hopes As Goes California On Redistricting, So Goes NY (Elizabeth Benjamin, Daily Politics/Daily News)
  • McCain: Why He Came to New York (Trailwatch/Forbes)
  • MARIST POLL APRIL 9 with "non-enrolled" -- that's independent -- voter break-out on presidential preferences

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