Friday, April 25, 2008



  • Dems expect flurry of action-Obama, Clinton set up across street from each other (Independent Tribune - Concord and Kannapolis)
  • Thanks Price, Watt (LETTER to Carrboro Citizen) Superdelegates endorse Obama
  • Clinton faces uphill battle in North Carolina (CNN) Unaffiliated voters can participate in North Carolina's semi-open primary, and although Obama split independent voters with Clinton in Ohio and Texas, political observers say independents in North Carolina appear likely to tilt back toward Obama, as they have done in other southern states.
  • Lower numbers taking advantage of early voting (Blue Ridge Times-News) So far, Republican, Democratic and unaffiliated voters turned out in similar numbers in Henderson County. More than 480 unaffiliated voters turned out, compared to 432 Republicans and 474 Democrats.

  • Napolitano: Dems fight won't help McCain in long run (by KTAR Newsroom)
  • Wu endorses Obama, tying up Oregon's superdelegate count (The Oregonian)

  • Harvard survey: Young voters favor Obama over Clinton (Boston Globe)
  • Despite youth hoopla, it's seniors who vote (San Francisco Chronicle) In a national survey of 514 GOP and independent voters released Thursday, 52 percent of Republicans said they felt irritated while viewing the anti-Obama North Carolina ad. Regardless, 46 percent of Republicans felt it would help McCain's chances in the general election compared to 37 percent of independents, according to the HCD Research survey.

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Steve Rankin said...

When a party invites independents to vote in its primary, that's a semi-closed primary-- not a "semi-open" primary.

In a semi-open primary, (1) a party's ballot is available to ANY voter, AND (2) each voter's choice of party is publicly recorded.

Free Citizen