Thursday, April 17, 2008


  • Setting the Barr: Presidential bid by ex-rep. may hurt McCain (The Hill) Since leaving Congress in 2002, Barr has bucked the party line in opposing the warrantless wiretapping program and calling for a withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.
  • I Was a Clinton Volunteer (Philadelphia City Paper) The one unifying sentiment among all Hillary volunteers, besides the obvious, is their disdain for Obama supporters, whom they see as both delusional and impossibly peppy. Clintonites don't hate them per se, they just think they're not smart enough to think on their own.
  • Price, Watt endorse Obama (News Observer) Both suberdelegates Watt and Price had previously endorsed John Edwards for president. In a conference call, Price said Obama can help bring independent voters to the Democratic column in November.
  • ABC/Washington Post Poll: Campaign Against Obama Gives Clinton Her Highest Negatives Since 1992 (JOE GANDELMAN, The Moderate Voice)
  • Democrats Willing to Let Battle Continue-Poll Shows Gains in Key Areas for Obama (By Dan Balz and Jon Cohen, Washington Post) Clinton's favorability rating has dropped among both Democrats and independents over the past three months, although her overall such rating among Democrats remains high. Nearly six in 10 independents now view her unfavorably.

  • Early voting begins today (Winston Salem Journal) Unaffiliated (independent) voters can vote in either primary
  • A letter to the senator (Greensboro News Record) Please debate on April 27: Almost 110,000 Democrats and 69,000 unaffiliated voters (who can choose to vote in the Democratic primary) have been added to the rolls this year. The N.C. Democratic Party has been swamped with requests for tickets to the proposed April 27 debate at the RBC Center in Raleigh. It has received requests from about 20,000 and will hold a drawing to see who gets tickets.
  • Time to vote: Starting today, you can cast your ballot in the N.C. primary election. (Fayetteville Observer) Overall, the new voters are 53 percent Democrat, 37 percent unaffiliated and 10 percent Republican

  • Reform sorely needed in reshaping state's districts (San Joaquin Record)
  • Nodler fails to mention personal bias in stance on independent candidate bill (The Turner Report) This legislation obviously does not "level the playing field," but adds to the already substantial advantage Democrats and Republicans have over anyone who tries to get elected as an independent.

SCHWARZENEGGER/BLOOMBERG * Fundraising, alliances on agenda during Schwarzenegger trip to New York (Mercury News) At the Thursday luncheon, talk show host Charlie Rose will ask Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg to address issues "that affect cities and states nationwide, regardless of partisan politics"

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