Tuesday, April 15, 2008


  • West Virginia independents allowed to vote in Democratic primary (The Herald-Dispatch) The decision became official on March 2007, after about seven years of consideration and a steady increase in independent voters.
  • Unaffiliated Voters Could Swing N.C. Primaries (WRAL - Raleigh Durham) About one-fifth of North Carolina's 5.7 million registered voters aren't Democrats or Republicans, and politicians are working hard to sway the growing bloc of unaffiliated voters.
  • The Unsexy Stuff of Political Reform (By Marcia Ford-Donklephant)
  • Hurricane Katrina affected racial, partisan politics in Louisiana, study finds (Louisana Weekly) Meanwhile, the number of Republican voters statewide increased by 3.5 percent, and third party/independent voters increased by eight percent
  • `Restless' Independents May Pick Next U.S. President (By Heidi Przybyla-Bloomberg) Update1 - Russ Oullette, an independent activist in New Hampshire says "The growth of independents ``scares the heck out of a lot of people."

  • More North Carolinians sign up to vote (News Observer) In all, new registered voters were: 76,131 Democrats, or 53 percent; 53,732 unaffiliated, or 37 percent; and 14,911 Republicans, or 10 percent.
  • Voters get more chances (Richmond County Daily Journal) As of Monday, the political parties are represented as 19,188 Democrats, 4,990 Republicans and 4,296 registered as unaffiliated.

  • Race Is Still the X Factor for Obama (By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, New American Media-Alternet) Yet, if he can't convince Clinton's white vote supporters, and they are Democrats, to back him, the chances are nil that he'll have any more success with Republican and independent white voters in these states.
  • John Baer: At forum on faith, the Dems find redemption (Philadelphia Daily News) I now think God's registered independent, or as Pennsylvania calls it, "unaffiliated." And I'm pretty sure He didn't change his registration to vote in next week's primary.

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