Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sen. Obama's Avoidable Dilemma

TUESDAY 29 APRIL 2008 — http://www.dcindependents.org/
TO: District of Columbia Citizens; D.C. Council; D.C. & U.S. Media
FROM: Dennis Moore, Chairperson,
District of Columbia Independents for Citizen Control Party (DCICC)

A most avoidable dilemma has come upon Senator Barack Obama. His Tuesday news conference is revealing a potentially dangerous crack in his otherwise formidable presidential bid. The Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright controversy has become an artificial stone in his campaign shoe.

This manufactured political impediment was predictably going to become fodder for some ratings driven media outlets, political spin operatives, agenda pundits, and assorted campaign bottom feeders. To put it politely, candidate Obama is getting politically punked.

Senator Obama is being steered dangerously close to an invisible ethnocentric political line. As much as Black voters earlier questioned his authenticity, electability and motives, Mr. Obama runs the risk of alienating them through weakness. The one thing despised most by much of the African American electorate is the appearance of compliance and accommodation under fire. Going along to get along leaves a historically bad taste in Black mouths.

Barack Obama needs to sharply deflect and diminish ongoing attempts by media and political operatives to take him off his message. Moreover, Obama needs to stop explaining or reacting to the free speech of Reverend Wright, or anyone he has no real logistical connection to his campaign.

The best way for Obama to win this game is not to play it, and say it without being defensive or apologetic. Senator Obama shows weakness by throwing his former minister under the bus to satisfy the perverse political motivations of those already inclined not to favor or support him.
Most of all, it is a purposeful distraction from the many real national issues plaguing Americans of every ethnicity. Wasting time trying to make road kill out of Reverend Wright only derails the movement for change most Americans are demanding.

Leaders lead. Presidents lead. Lead Mr. Obama.

Dennis Moore, Chairperson
District of Columbia Independents for Citizen Control Party (DCICC)
Catalysts for Real Change!
dennis@DCIndependents.org, dcindependents@gmail.com
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