Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Independent voters: Are you down for the fight?

Ok, now that Barack Obama is the decisive candidate of the Democratic Party, let's consider how this scene might develop.

The Field Negro suggests an interesting running mate for the "O" man... And if you think THAT'S interesting, you'll want to attend the Performing The World conference in October. More on this at a later date....

Hillary is still "fighting" -- hmmm..... For the life of me I can't understand why the pundits are insisting that the Dems (now in the person of Barack Obama with the backing of that scalawag Minister Rev. Wright Farrakhan) need to watch out for the conservative white vote... But hey, maybe it sells papers....

Everybody knows that not only are the Idaho Republicans In Disarray, but the whole party is .... well.... kaput? When there’s trouble in Idaho for Republicans, you know they’re hurting everywhere. We’ve already seen the grassroots revolt in the works on the part of Ron Paul supporters. But the fissures in the Idaho party run deeper..... (New West Politics)

The thing to pay attention to in what will be a fashionable tracking of independent voters is, who are the independents? Are they radical? Are they modern-day US Sandinistas? Are they really just grassroots Democratic Party registrants who go to church 3 times a year? Are they fiscally conservative/socially liberal Reagan Democrats who lost their way? Are they middle-aged Peroistas who won't give up the fight for a squeeky-clean glimering white America? (Ooops, not) Keep tuned to The Hankster for a front row seat to the Dirty Fight... And since you're an independent, get smart quick!

Shaun Mullen at Kiko's House says: "Clintonistas are deeply in denial about the overriding reason that Obama will be the first to cross the finish line, probably as early as tonight after Kentucky and Oregon vote: Obama has earned the nomination by getting more voter and more delegates without having to resort to appeals to break mutually agreed upon party rules like Clinton has. He also has run a much better campaign, and everything flows from that......(Kiko's House)

We seem to live in interesting times, and that's good.

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