Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Hankster takes a personal moment: Holy Crap!

I'm watching the results of the Indiana primary. Obama has been declared the winner of the Democratic primary in North Carolina by 13 points.

And the interesting thing is that Indiana is still up for a 4% grab. Are voters in Gary getting off work and going in to the polls yet? We'll see. The media is working on Lake County and Gary.

Oh, the personal moment: I have been at once riveted to the TV and the knowledgeable pundits like Joe Scarborough, and at the same time, what the f--k are they talking about? In the battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton -- I do feel compelled to say: How could you even consider a vote for Hillary given her commitement to the establishment? Who knows? Hmmmmmm........

I do believe that independent voters are the future of the country. I do think that regardless of the outcome of the Barack/Hillary contest within the Democratic Primary, the primary issue of this 2008 presidential election is the war in Iraq. The people want to get out. Do the best we can.

Another thing I was thinking about is the cultural political situation in our country. It's not that I'm such a supporter of Barack Obama, it's that I'd like to see us, the American people continue to speak out on behalf of ordinary people. We have to speak out.


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