Wednesday, May 28, 2008


  • Allow independents to vote (Kim A. Wright, Argus Leader) South Dakota independents should be allowed to vote in primaries
  • Where Are The "Big" Issues? (CBS) It’s among Independent voters where the war issue could matter most.

  • Stop Me if You've Heard This One Before (Spot On) And if you buy the notion that independent voters, frozen out of the Democrat primary in Florida, may have registered as Republicans in significant numbers, consider that McCain's thin margin of victory over Romney (36 percent to 31 percent) in the winner-take-all Sunshine State contest might have instead been an thin Romney win...
  • West might be where it's won (The Denver Post) One of the reasons the candidates have targeted the region is the very same reason their strategists will find it particularly difficult to get a clear bead on the place: unaffiliated voters.
  • Questions of how much Obama can redo the map (Boston Globe) Colorado: If the state does tip to Obama, it will be because of unaffiliated voters.
  • 2008 hopefuls focus on West (By Susan Page, USA TODAY) Among the factors reshaping the battlegrounds: a prospective flood of young voters in the West, growing numbers of Hispanic voters in the Southwest and the serendipity of popular candidates running for the Senate or governorship in Virginia, Oregon and elsewhere.
  • N.J. adds 500,000 new Democrats in '08 (Politicker NJ) Although some of those previously unaffiliated voters would have probably already wound up targeted by Democratic campaigns, Reed said this could make them easier to identify.
  • Ron Paul Tattoo in Jeopardy (Political Machine) Chance for Ron Paul supporters and Dems to work together
COMMENTARY * A kosher guide to pork and politics (Daily Freeman NY)

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